A Corda node exports a number of metrics for the purpose of monitoring the health of the node via JMX. This page documents the metrics exported by Corda.

For more information about how to monitor a node, see Node administration.


Metric Query Description
net.corda:name=Attachments A count of the total number of attachments on the node


A Corda node maintains a number of caches. For each of the metrics below, the name of the cache must be supplied in the component field to show metrics for that cache. There are two sorts of caches: size-based and weight-based. Size-based caches are measured in the number of entries in the cache, while weight-based caches are measured in the bytes of memory occupied by the entries. Note that the set of metrics available depends on the cache type. Maximum-size and sizePercent is only available for size-based caches, while maximum-weight, weight, and weightPercent are only available for weight-based caches.

Metric Query Description
net.corda:type=Caches,component=<cache_name>,name=evictions The number of items evicted from the cache
net.corda:type=Caches,component=<cache_name>,name=evictions-weight The total weight of items evicted from the cache
net.corda:type=Caches,component=<cache_name>,name=hits The number of cache hits
net.corda:type=Caches,component=<cache_name>,name=loads Histogram indicating how long loads into the cache are taking
net.corda:type=Caches,component=<cache_name>,name=loads-failure The number of items that could not be loaded into the cache
net.corda:type=Caches,component=<cache_name>,name=loads-success The number of items successfully loaded into the cache
net.corda:type=Caches,component=<cache_name>,name=maximum-size The maximum number of entries in the cache
net.corda:type=Caches,component=<cache_name>,name=misses The number of cache misses
net.corda:type=Caches,component=<cache_name>,name=size The current number of entries in the cache
net.corda:type=Caches,component=<cache_name>,name=sizePercent The current size of the cache expressed as a percentage of the maximum
net.corda:type=Caches,component=<cache_name>,name=maximum-weight The maximum size of the cache, expressed as a total weight
net.corda:type=Caches,component=<cache_name>,name=weight The current weight of the cache
net.corda:type=Caches,component=<cache_name>,name=weightPercent The current weight of the cache, expressed as a percentage of the maximum


Metric Query Description
net.corda:type=Flows,name=ActiveThreads The total number of threads running flows
net.corda:type=Flows,name=CheckpointVolumeBytesPerSecondCurrent The current rate at which checkpoint data is being persisted
net.corda:type=Flows,name=CheckpointVolumeBytesPerSecondHist Histogram indicating the rate at which bytes are being checkpointed
net.corda:type=Flows,name=Checkpointing Rate The rate at which checkpoint events are occurring
net.corda:type=Flows,name=Error The total number of errored flows
net.corda:type=Flows,name=Finished The total number of completed flows (both successfully and unsuccessfully)
net.corda:type=Flows,name=InFlight The number of in flight flows
net.corda:type=Flows,name=QueueSize The current size of the queue for flows waiting to be executed
net.corda:type=Flows,name=QueueSizeOnInsert Histogram showing the queue size at the point new flows are added
net.corda:type=Flows,name=Started The total number of flows started
net.corda:type=Flows,name=Success The total number of successful flows


Metric Query Description
net.corda:type=Metering,name=commandsPersisted The number of unique sets of commands persisted
net.corda:type=Metering,name=droppedCounts The number of signing events not persisted
net.corda:type=Metering,name=queueLength Histogram indicating the length of the queue of events waiting to be persisted
net.corda:type=Metering,name=stacksPersisted The number of unique CorDapp stacks persisted
net.corda:type=Metering,name=totalCounts The total number of signing events persisted


Metric Query Description
net.corda:type=P2P,name=ReceiveDuration Histogram measuring latency between receiving a P2P message and delivering it to the state machine
net.corda:type=P2P,name=ReceiveInterval Histogram measuring the interval between received P2P messages
net.corda:type=P2P,name=ReceiveMessageSize Histogram measuring the size of received messages
net.corda:type=P2P,name=SendLatency Histogram measuring latency when sending P2P messages, between send and send acknowledge by Artemis
net.corda:type=P2P,name=SendMessageSize Histogram measuring the size of sent messages
net.corda:type=P2P,name=SendQueueSize The size of the in-memory send queue in the state machine for messages waiting to be sent to Artemis
net.corda:type=P2P,name=SendQueueSizeOnInsert Histogram measuring the size of the in-memory send queue in the state machine when new messages are added