corda / net.corda.testing.driver / DriverDSL


@DoNotImplement interface DriverDSL

Underlying interface for the driver DSL. Do not instantiate directly, instead use the driver function.



open val defaultNotaryHandle: NotaryHandle

Returns the NotaryHandle for the single notary on the network. Throws if there are none or more than one.


open val defaultNotaryIdentity: Party

Returns the identity of the single notary on the network. Throws if there are none or more than one.


open val defaultNotaryNode: CordaFuture<NodeHandle>

Returns a CordaFuture on the NodeHandle for the single-node notary on the network. Throws if there are no notaries or more than one, or if the notary is a distributed cluster.


abstract val notaryHandles: List<NotaryHandle>

Returns a list of NotaryHandles matching the list of NotarySpecs passed into driver.



abstract fun baseDirectory(nodeName: CordaX500Name): Path

Returns the base directory for a node with the given CordaX500Name. This method is useful if the base directory is needed before the node is started.


open fun startNode(): CordaFuture<NodeHandle>

Start a node using the default values of NodeParameters.

abstract fun startNode(parameters: NodeParameters): CordaFuture<NodeHandle>

Start a node using the parameter values of the given NodeParameters.

open fun startNode(defaultParameters: NodeParameters = NodeParameters(), providedName: CordaX500Name? = defaultParameters.providedName, rpcUsers: List<User> = defaultParameters.rpcUsers, verifierType: VerifierType = defaultParameters.verifierType, customOverrides: Map<String, Any?> = defaultParameters.customOverrides, startInSameProcess: Boolean? = defaultParameters.startInSameProcess, maximumHeapSize: String = defaultParameters.maximumHeapSize): CordaFuture<NodeHandle>

Start a node.


open fun startWebserver(handle: NodeHandle): CordaFuture<WebserverHandle>

Call startWebserver with a default maximumHeapSize.

abstract fun startWebserver(handle: NodeHandle, maximumHeapSize: String): CordaFuture<WebserverHandle>

Starts a web server for a node

Extension Functions


fun Any.contextLogger(): Logger

When called from a companion object, returns the logger for the enclosing class.