corda / net.corda.core.schemas

Package net.corda.core.schemas

Data types representing database schemas for storing Corda data via an object mapper such as Hibernate. Modifying Corda state in the database directly is not a supported approach, however these can be used to read state for integrations with external systems.



object CommonSchema

JPA representation of the common schema entities


object CommonSchemaV1 : MappedSchema

First version of the Vault ORM schema


open class MappedSchema

A database schema that might be configured for this node. As well as a name and version for identifying the schema, also list the classes that may be used in the generated object graph in order to configure the ORM tool.


object MappedSchemaValidator


class PersistentState : StatePersistable

A super class for all mapped states exported to a schema that ensures the StateRef appears on the database row. The StateRef will be set to the correct value by the framework (there's no need to set during mapping generation by the state itself).


data class PersistentStateRef : Serializable

Embedded StateRef representation used in state mapping.


interface QueryableState : ContractState

A contract state that may be mapped to database schemas configured for this node to support querying for, or filtering of, states.


interface StatePersistable : Serializable

Marker interface to denote a persistable Corda state entity that will always have a transaction id and index