corda / net.corda.core.crypto / SignatureScheme / <init>


SignatureScheme(schemeNumberID: Int, schemeCodeName: String, signatureOID: AlgorithmIdentifier, alternativeOIDs: List<AlgorithmIdentifier>, providerName: String, algorithmName: String, signatureName: String, algSpec: AlgorithmParameterSpec?, keySize: Int?, desc: String)

This class is used to define a digital signature scheme.


schemeNumberID - unique number ID for better efficiency on-wire serialisation.

schemeCodeName - unique code name for this signature scheme (e.g. RSA_SHA256, ECDSA_SECP256K1_SHA256, ECDSA_SECP256R1_SHA256, EDDSA_ED25519_SHA512, SPHINCS-256_SHA512).

signatureOID - ASN.1 algorithm identifier of the signature algorithm (e.g for EdDSA)

alternativeOIDs - ASN.1 algorithm identifiers for keys of the signature, where we want to map multiple keys to the same signature scheme.

providerName - the provider's name (e.g. "BC").

algorithmName - which signature algorithm is used (e.g. RSA, ECDSA. EdDSA, SPHINCS-256).

signatureName - a signature-scheme name as required to create Signature objects (e.g. "SHA256withECDSA")

algSpec - parameter specs for the underlying algorithm. Note that RSA is defined by the key size rather than algSpec. eg. ECGenParameterSpec("secp256k1").

keySize - the private key size (currently used for RSA only).

desc - a human-readable description for this scheme.